I was born in the summer of 78 in Granada Spain. After some early developing of skills in plastic arts I began architecture studies and got the degree of architect in September 2004. I spent 5 years working as an architect, interior designer and graphic designer, for different studios in Granada and Murcia Spain, then I returned to my artistic vocation in 2009 studying drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving and photography and cinema at the Universities of Granada Spain and Paris8 France.


In 2013 I continued developing my professional career as a multidisciplinary artist, filmographer and photographer in Berlin Germany, through many collaborative works.


Eternal learning addict and artistic/culture researcher, my last project took me to Armenia to participate in the Art in Residence program of the ACSL in Yerevan. The result was shown at the Museum of Modern Art of Yerevan during a solo exhibition and can be checked in my website.